Sonnet of an Innocent Flower..the Kisaeng, moving work of art..
there was a class of women whose fate was both appalling and seductive...
“Skilled women,” .. for their fatal beauty, given extensive education in poetry, music, the arts, and dance...

The TeRras is an informal social arts club to communicate and support Han TeRra and her exquisite body of ArtMusic. The TeRras is comprised of people who love TeRras’s beautiful voice, dance, and instrumental acumen in her ArtMusic. Complementing this dedication to TeRra’s success is a strong interest in the full scope of Asian classical performing arts. TeRra is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional kayago musicians encompassing singing, dancing, as well as virtuoso mastery of the instrument.

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Han TeRra


34Han TeRra (한테라, 韓泰來) is a performer of the Kayago (kayaguem), the twelve-string zither of Korea, and also a singer and dancer. TeRra began her training at the age of five in classical Korean music and performing arts.

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About Kayago

The Kayago(Kayageum) is one of the representative string instruments in Korea and is believed to date back from around the first century B.C. The Kayago is like zither with 12 strings, though more recent variants have 21 or other numbers of strings,  related to other Asian instruments, including the Chinese Guzheng, the Japanese Koto, the Mongolian Yatga, and the Vietnamese đàn tranh. The common types used today are Jeongak kayago and Sanjo kayago.

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